All Quebec Investors will be expected to meet the following requirements prior to their acceptance:

Criteria Requirement
Minimum Net Worth
A minimum of CAD$2 million in legally acquired net worth, alone or with the help of their spouse or common-law partner if accompanying the applicant.  Assets such as property, bank accounts, pension funds, stocks and shares may be included.

Business or Management Experience
A minimum of two years of management experience (planning, supervision and control of the financial and the human or physical resources) over the course of five years prior to the submission of the candidate's application in a specific enterprise (agricultural, commercial, or industrial, OR management experience in a governmental or international organization) and in a position defined as full time.  The company must have a minimum of two full-time employees. It does not necessarily have to be profitable. It can also be an international agency, department or government agency.

Agreement to invest CAD$1.2 million which is refundable after five years with no interest OR
Paying CAD$350,000 non-refundable.

Successful medical examination and security background check.