Business Stream (100% Ownership)

Investors who plan to assume full ownership of a PEI business by investing in and actively managing the business are eligible for this stream.

Minimum Requirements

In order to be eligible under the 100% Ownership Stream, applicants must:

• Be within 21 and 59 years of age;
• Possess a minimum net worth of $600,000 CAD acquired through legal and legitimate sources;
• Possess at least a high-school level of education;
• Have transferable management skills and past employment;
• Obtain a minimum band score of 4.0 on an IELTS English test or a TEF French test within the last two years;
• Provide a detailed business plan for 100 percent ownership of the business;
• Provide active and ongoing management of the business from within PEI;
• Sign an escrow agreement containing stipulations on a deposit of $200,000, which will be held by the province until the terms of the agreement are met; and
• Make a minimum investment of $150,000 CAD into a new or existing PEI owned and operated business.


Escrow Agreement

The escrow agreement outlines the terms that the applicant must meet in order for his or her $200,000 CAD deposit to be refunded. The agreement and its terms are unique to the applicant and are based on his or her intentions according to the business plan.
The deposit is to be submitted to the Office of Immigration and made payable to IIDI, to be held in escrow until all terms are met. The deposit will be returned, without interest, to the applicant according to the following timeline: $25,000 CAD will be refunded after six months of residence in PEI, another $25,000 CAD after one full year of residence, and the remaining $150,000 CAD once the applicant has met all terms of the escrow agreement.